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About our company

Ljunggren Audio was founded in 2013 with the ambition to provide innovative, versatile and high quality modular synthesizer designs at the best price possible to the DIY synthesist community under the name Roll Your Own or RYO. We are a small company of 3 located in Sweden and in the UK.


You can contact us writing to info before @ followed by ljunggrenaudio.com.

A few notable things about our RYO kits/modules.


  • Each value of resistors, caps and other hard to tell apart components packed in separate bags for your convenience.
  • Easy to follow assembly manuals with step by step instructions and clear pictures/illustrations for each step.
  • Detailed information on the stickers of each bag making the build even easier.
  • Leaves small hp footprints in your rack, yet with ergonomic panel designs and layouts for comfortable use.
  • Most of our modules are shallow for portability.
  • No panel wiring required.
  • Thru-hole designs, accessible for everyone with basic to intermediate PCB soldering skills.
  • Our modules are compatible with the Eurorack/A-100 system.