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Kymatica Devices 2xVCX - A dual VCA / Crossfader / 4QM


The first collaboration between RYO and KYMATICA DEVICES, a dual VCA / Crossfader / Four-Quadrant-Multiplier (Ringmodulator / VC-polarizer) with mix output. The output of the first channel is normalized to the input of the second. Works for audio as well as CV.


Tune in, multiply, fade out!


Switch position upside down A > A

In this mode input A and the CV input acts as a Four Quadrand Multiplier. It will do ringmodulation and voltage controlled polarization (bipolar VCA).


Switch position 0 > A

In this mode input A and the CV input will act as a normal linear VCA.


Switch position B > A

In this mode the CV input will control a crossfade from input B to input A.


Download BOM, assembly and calibration instructions.

The schematics can be found at Kymaticas site.

Direct link to the schematics.



Kits comes supplied with PCBs, front panel (PCB material), component kit, power cable and mounting screws. Solder and tools are not supplied.


Basic specifications

Width: 8 hp

Depth: 40 mm.

Power: +12V 34 mA / -12V 32 mA


* Regarding our PCB/panel only offerings, please note that these are mainly offered due to popular demand from the experienced DIY community. Hence we are counting on that you know what you are doing and how to source parts. If you feel the least bit uncertain, please consider going for the kit.