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3xVCA - Triple linear VCA


A simple and space-efficient voltage controlled amplifier for processing of control voltages as well as audio with precision and a good clean sound.


This module gives you no less than three fully independant DC coupled linear VCAs with very similar response between each VCA in the same module or between modules.


The 3xVCA is great for adding extra life and dynamics to CV modulations as well as for regular audio duties such as a good sounding Amplitude Modulation all the way thru the audio spectrum.


This module requires calibration in several steps, achieved precision depends on the precision of your multimeter. It can be calibrated for either 5V or 8V CV. Assembled modules are calibrated to 1.00x gain (0dB) at 5.00V CV, that means 8.00V CV will give a 1.65x gain (4.35dB).


With a very simple modification 3xVCA becomes both linear and exponential by normaling the VCAs in a cascading fashion.


Kits comes supplied with PCB, front panel (PCB material), component kit, power cable and mounting screws. Solder and tools are not supplied.



Download assembly and calibration instructions here.

Download schematics here.

Modifications for 3xVCA can be found here.


Basic specifications

Width: 4hp

Depth: 51 mm.

Power: +12V 26 mA / -12V 21mA




* Regarding our PCB/panel only offerings, please note that these are mainly offered due to popular demand from the experienced DIY community. Hence we are counting on that you know what you are doing and how to source parts. If you feel the least bit uncertain, please consider going for the kit.






This video published by Ben of divkidmusic.com shows the perks of it's signal normalling turning this triple linear VCA into a versatile multi response VCA. The normalling is a modification that we make to all assembled 3xVCA and for the DIY crowd the modification can be found here.