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News 2013


The front panels have arrived and new stock has been added. Ampmix and Vertmix are new additions, two handy variations of mixers/attenuators/offsets. All preorders have been shipped.


It is now also possible to order assembled optodists. The modules will be built after you place the order.


Holidays are upon us and we will put in an extra effort so that orders of KITs and PCBs placed before tomorrow 20 dec 2013 14:00 CET (timeanddate.com) will be shipped the same day. If you choose posten with no insurance/tracking orders before 17:00 CET will be shipped the same day. Next earliest date of dispatch will be 27 dec 2013 and after that it goes back to normal.





The harsh winter weather in Europe and USA have caused delays in deliveries. We apologize for this and hope to be able to restock Optodist and stock Ampmix and Vertmix ASAP.


For those of you who have been wishing for aluminium front panels. We were contacted by Grayscale and an agreement was reached to have aluminium panels provided with design by Grayscale. Preorders are usually open for about a mont, then panels are ordered and shipping is about a month later. Preorders for the Optodist panels opened about a week ago, you can place a preorder here.


We are waiting for switches from Mouser early next week until we can stock some Optodist kits without front panels. Later the same week we will hopefully have new Optodist front panels. The amount of panels rejected on the last batch was higher than expected and the best looking ones are almost sold out. Rejected panels will be included in the panel-less orders as long as stocks last, just for something to mount the module in while you wait for Grayscale or other panel of your choicel.


We are trying a new PCB manufacturer hoping to lower the rejection ratio on front panels.

VC Sequencer will be delayed until january. But there is still a chance for something else of our announced modules to be released before the holidays.



A new sound demo has been made to showcase the difference in CV response between the two optocouplers offered.


Quality issues have been settled satisfactorily and hence production is underway - stocks are being built up as time allows, and as availabilty changes the webstore will be updated to reflect this. We have sneak launched the webshop for testing and the software seem to be functioning.


The webshop can be found here.


The Optodist is now available. The VC Sequencer might be delayed until after the holidays due to high preassure on the factories and shipping services before the holidays.



We are currently working on solving a quality issue with the silk screen in the production process with the PCB Manufacturer.


We are very sorry for this delay and that it might contribute to a small increase in price to maintain an acceptable quality on the panels.



VC Sequencer and Optodist with hand cut test panels. Production panels have milled edges.


Prices for full kits, solder not included. Shipping not included.

A webshop where orders can be placed will be up shortly.


VC Sequencer: 1 Panel, 2 lead free PCB's, components, knobs, power cable and black mounting screws. 10 HP wide.

Export: 700 SEK excl VAT Customers outside EU VAT Area, import duties may apply depending on local laws.

EU: 875 SEK incl VAT Customers within EU VAT Area.


Optodist: 1 Panel, 1 lead free PCB, components, knobs, power cable and black mounting screws. 6 HP wide.

Export: 448 SEK excl VAT Customers outside EU VAT Area, import duties may apply depending on local laws.

EU: 560 SEK incl VAT Customers within EU VAT Area.


Optodist sound demos.


Test panels in production.


Prototype testing well underway.