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News 2014


Ampmix kits as well as PCB/Panel is now available at Thonk.

Assembled ones will soon be available from London Modular.

Assembled and kits will soon be available from Escape From Noise.


The Ampmix is an easy to build precision 4-channel mixer/attenuator with 2.0x gain and 5.0V offset on each channel in an 8hp module that works well for both CV and audio. It has fully buffered ins and outs that offer a cure for voltage drops when passively multing the outputs and due to output impedance/resistor on not properly buffered outputs. The precision can be upgraded even further as described in the assembly manual.


Ben from divkidmusic.com is back with more fun and useful inspiration on how you can use two VC Sequencers and Trig Xpanders.


Airtenuator kits are now available at synthCube, a shipment to Thonk will soon be sent.


Airtenuator kits are now available at Escape From Noise. Also a shipment to synthCube is in transit.


Ken Flux Pierce have added a great video on the Optodist with audio demonstration, patch ideas and DIY kit building.


The Airtenuator is coming... For more information click here.


The assembly manual for the Trig Xpander is now ready and available here. The Trig Xpander is our latest addition and gives the VC Sequencer individual gate or trig outputs for each step as well as a trig output that sends out a trig for each step change. Check out our vendors if you wan't to buy the Trig Xpander or any other of our modules.


Ben from divkidmusic.com have also made yet another great demo video this time featuring the VC Sequencer and Trig Xpander.



As you may have noticed our webshop is now closed. We want to thank all of you who supported us in the early development of our company. From now on our products will be available via Vendors only.


Also, we are happy to announce that our products will be available very soon from Thonk.


The VC Sequencer is available at both Escape From Noise and London Modular now. Also synthCube will have stock shortly of Optodist and VC Sequencer. We are waiting for new shipments from suppliers that are a little delayed, for stocking up our own webshop again. We will close our own webshop within ca 3 weeks.


An excellent in-depth sound and patching video demonstration of the Optodist made by Ben from divkidmusic.com can be watched via this Youtube, thanks a lot for this great demo Ben!



Also for you muffwigglers, a thread about the video can be found here:




Finally VC Sequencer is ready. You can download the assembly manual or take a peek in the webshop.

Orders and pre-orders made in our webshop 12-17 march will be shipped tomorrow.


The VC Sequencer will be in stock soon.


London Modular have made a nice video showing the Optodist working on a cool percussive setup. They also used the Optodist in a live performance at the V&A Museum in London on a 60kW system with great results on the drum mix.

Many thanks from us for this great patch example and application. And excellently performed by the talented musicians and store owners at London Modular.


You might have noticed that the Swedish modular shop Escape From Noise have had Optodists as Kits and Assembled for sale for a little while now. They have the SR3 version with green LED limiters. Please feel free to pay them a visit.


We have run out of Assembled Optodist stock, as soon as we have produced a new stock of assembled Optodists they will be back in our webshop, in ca one week. In the meanwhile you can still buy the assembled Optodist at Escape From Noise.


Also, good news for modular fans living in London, UK. The Optodist was kindly offered a spot in a demo case over at London Modular so you can now see and test it at their store in East London! If you're a Londoner don't hesitate to pop down to their shop and make some sweet, distorted noise! http://www.londonmodular.co.uk/about-us-2/


To better be able to offer a fair margin for vendors we had to slightly bump the Optodist kit pricing to 460 SEK excl. VAT instead of 448 SEK as before (575 SEK incl. VAT instead of 560 SEK). It is our hopes to move the distribution part to proper vendors instead of handling it from a webshop of our own, this to simplify for you the customers as well as giving us more time to do R&D instead of filling forms and putting stamps on packages. Apologies for this and thank you for your understanding!


We now have a new batch of Optodist front panels from a new manufacturer and they have a much more consistent and improved quality. Front panel only can be bought in the webshop under the PCB categoy, for those of you who wish to get only PCB + Panel.


We also have a sale on assembled VC Sequencer prototypes to a great price.


And finally, we have opened a Youtube account.



We now have pre assembled modules of Optodist, Ampmix and Vertmix in stock.



Unfortunately for those of you who were hoping for Grayscale aluminium panels. The interest for theese panels have not been sufficient enough to finance a batch of panels.Thus it was decided to cancel the project.


If you wish to make your own front panels there are PDF files with vector graphics to be downloaded in a link under the quantity box and "Add to cart" button at the bottom of each product page.


We hope you all had a nice holiday and a happy new year.

Latest news is we now have a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/RYO-Roll-Your-Own-by-Ljunggren-Audio/784195481597165